Glen French - Artist

A selection of jewellery and art work in 2020

Now showing at New Jewellery

Closed bezel pendant with aged and embedded copper plate 40mm


Two colour dot half sphere brooch

46 x 20mm

Fly over land series #1 brooch or pendant

65 x 28mm

Fly over land series #2 brooch or pendant

55 x 27mm

Open bezel pendant - copper sulphate crystals embedded in resin 45mm


No bezel brooch aged copper plate 


Planetary eye half sphere brooch

46 x 20mm

Three 'Lockdown Blue' works are shown below. This series also inspired the creation of the jewellery pieces above. The process included many layers of weak copper sulphate solution and potassium permanganate wet brushed and etched on to 250gms art paper.

A current exhibition is underway at my local hairdresser at 695 Mt Eden Road, Auckland. This is the full set of eight A1 paper works which you can view at his salon. 

You can find a link to his site here.

Marks in time 1 - lockdown blue series


Marks in time 2 - lockdown blue series



Blue meditation - lockdown blue series


Christchurch tumbling down

Recycled copper from a hot water cylinder

820 x 290mm